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greg hooper

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relatively gentle musical pieces – all involved a high degree of personal interaction through the compositional process even if they began with formal processes to generate the initial material


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These three works come from specific ideas about the effect of processes that unfold over time – the way duration interferes with or helps determine our responses to our environments.

Yard is taken from four recordings of our backyard taken every 6 hours across a single day.

Across the road is from a series of recordings taken every Tuesday at 10am of a house being built across the road from where we lived.

Sandwich plays the laugh track from an episode of “Friends”

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Each of these pieces begins with a performance. In Brighton BagWalk I walked up and down between our flat and the train station in Brighton in the south of England, dragging a small bag along the ground like so many other tourists to Brighton.

Yeronga Pool is a piece for Queensland home and guests. Our house at the time was two story with a balcony overlooking the backyard pool. I borrowed a bunch of steel bowls and floated them in the pool. As we stood on the balcony drinking, we tossed pieces of ice off the balcony into the pool, aiming for the bowls. Recorded with hydrophones which do not in any way capture the wonderful resonance of the bowls and water. A great party activity if you have a pool.

Walk to Work is as it says – a recording of my walk to work at the University of Queensland in 2010. There are about twenty walks overlaid on each other. The walk took me from the suburbs then almost immediately into the cemetery at Fairfield, onto the pedestrian bridge, then through the UQ grounds. Three distinct environments each with their own soundscape.