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greg hooper


A small sample of core suburban life – renovation and home care – as a mode of devotion. 
Normal life. Start, then continue until finished.


This piece began as pure audio – multiple overlaid recordings of walking to work in the morning. And it still exists as a stand alone audio work. From the outset I was thinking of the way our brains must be diffusely encoding our everday environments, both reinforcing and discarding and wanted to make a video piece about that.

Work gave me access to some very cheap and small portable flash cameras that could be attached to my clothes, so I retraced my steps about 20 times and recorded video of the walk to work – through the cemetery, across the bridge and then around the lake to my at the time office. Probably about a dozen recordings worked, one camera dropped off my shirt and broke. After that I used a safety pin to hold them on and that was perfect.

I think of the patterns of light in the video as traces of the cortical activation of my brain as I walked through that environment – the cemetery, the bridge, the university gardens then finally to the corridor to my office at that time.

I was thinking of the dynamics of biological motion when I made this film. The sound and vision is of a choir singing, then post-processed to only show activity at a particular spatial scale for the video. Similarly for audio but in frequency space

The Adelaide airport has (or at least had for a few years) a great sounding travelator just outside the gate that we normally arrive at. I went up and back a few times with the trusty fieldrecorder to capture the sound. I went looking for public domain video to accompany and liked this short sequence from a road safety video for children that combines paternalistic authority with grinding boredom.

This short movie is part of a bunch of works I’ve done that deal with increased social constraints on variability of experience. I think we can trace the rising incidence of anxiety disorders to lower variability in the environment. But I wouldn’t expect anyone else to notice that when looking at any of the works – that’s just where my motivation comes from.

In this case I take a song and remove pitch variability in the melody. Not surprisingly the tech fals to live up to the marketing and so variability comes through as a mistake, a mistake that will be fixed in an update no doubt.