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In 2006 I was a visiting research fellow at Sussex Uni. We stayed in apartments on the Lewes Rd near to the old town.

Brighton is a tourist town and the sound of people wandering along the lanes, bag trundling over the cobbles behind them, was ever present.

Before leaving I made theĀ  journey from the train station to our flat, bag mic’d up. It took a few goes to get a recording as the vibrations of the bag kept turning the recorder off. Eventualy, recorder in pocket, wires trailing to the two mics that were attaced to the bag with alligator clips, bright red balls of windscreen on each, I had some success.

Later,I wondered what someone might have thought at the sight of a middle aged man wandering up and down, back and forth, dragging a bag with a couple of red balls on it, cables trailing into his jacket pocket. Not much I imagine, it’s an eccentric and accepting town.