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This is the sort of thing that I would put out as a CV back around 2010 – not very complete or rigorous given the demands for authoritative self promotion that were well underway by then.  But I could never take any of this seriously and with that attitude my natural laziness comes in to play.

Aside : I once exhibited my CV as an art object – must have been late 80s early 90s – three sizes, Wall Hanging, A4 and wallet size


Anyway, here below is the fullsome text from 2010 or so

Greg has a degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Queensland, graduating with the University Medal in 1995. His PhD was undertaken in the Psychiatry Department of University of Queensland, and investigated the reliability and stability of measures of the human EEG.  During this time he actively collaborated with a number of different researchers on approximately 20 papers.

He was a lecturer in Information Technology and Multimedia at the University of Queensland before taking up a senior lecturing position in Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology. In 2006 Greg was a visiting scholar in the Interact Lab of the Department of Informatics at Sussex University, where he investigated the application of ubiquitous computing technologies to school field trips for primary school children, acted as temporary replacement lecturer in HCI for Geraldine Fitzpatrick whilst she was on leave, and gave talks on research and teaching to the Interaction Design group at Sussex.

He has acted as a reviewer for Psychophysiology, the Australian Journal of Psychology, Leonardo, and the Computer Music Journal. He has a decade’s experience reviewing contemporary music, new media and visual art for REALTIME, arguably Australia’s major publication in national and international new media art.

Prior to his degree studies, Greg was involved in the Arts as a composer and visual artist. During this time his compositions were performed on Radio National and ABC-FM, with works also commissioned for theatre and film. In the Visual Arts he was awarded grants from the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council and the South Australian Department of the Arts. In 1988, as part of the Australian Bicentenary celebrations, his visual art work was part of a group exhibition that toured the east coast of Australia for 6 months.

Returning to composition in 2003, Greg is past president of the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology. His compositions have recently been performed at SPECTRUM2, Federation Square, Melbourne, at Listening to the Mind Listening, ICAD 2004: Sydney Opera House and “Elektronischer Fruehling” (Electronic Spring): Alte Schmiede, Vienna. His work has been broadcast internationally, most recently for Hungarian National Broadcaster MR3-Bartók Rádió in a live concert by Trio Lignum piece for live and manipulated woodwinds.

In 2007 Greg was awarded an Australia Council grant to undertake an artist residency with the Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory at the Queensland Brain Institute. He delivered an invited talk on this residency at the Brisbane Ideas Festival in 2009. He recently lectured in Human Computing Interaction in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland and is currently undertaking research on competency based career frameworks in the UQ Faculty of Health.


2001 PhD (University of Queensland)

1996-2000 PhD studies (University of Queensland). Initially with Departments of Computing and Psychology, then transferred to Dept of Psychiatry in conjunction with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

1995 Bachelor of Arts (Honours Class 1 in Cognitive Science)

Grants and Awards

2007 Synapse grant, Australian Network for Art and Technology/Australia Council

2001 New Staff Grant, University of Queensland

2001 Strategic Funds Grant. ITEE, University of Queensland

1996 Australian Post-graduate Award (APA)

1995 University Medal, University of Queensland.

1990 Grant, Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council

1989 Grant, South Australian Department of the Arts

selected history – Academic

2010       Lecturer(part-time), School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Queensland

Research Officer, Faculty of Health, University of Queensland

2006 Visiting Research Fellow, Dept of Informatics, Sussex University, England

2004- 2007 Senior Lecturer, course coordinator, Communication Design, Queensland University of Technology. Duties included course (ie degree program) design and restructure, general teaching duties (subject development, lecturing, Honours and PhD supervision), budget preparation, participation in faculty meetings and administration,

2000-4 Lecturer, Bachelor of Information Environments, University of Queensland.

Duties included general teaching duties (subject development, lecturing, Honours and PhD supervision), participation in faculty meetings and administration (eg Chair ITEE ethics committee)

2000 Lecturer, Conceptual Foundations of Computing A, Central Queensland University, International Campus, Brisbane

Guest Lecturer, School of Nursing, Griffith University

Research assistant, Centre for Online Health, University of Queensland.

Duties included writing review of Cardiac care and telemedicine, published in Journal of Telemedicine

Research assistant, Adolescent and Child Psychiatry, Royal Brisbane Hospital.

Collating and analyzing data on eating disorders – outcome presented by supervisor at clinical meeting

1999 Research Assistant, Centre for Online Health, University of Queensland.

1998 Research assistant, Graduate School of Management, University of Queensland. Duties included administration of special journal issue, statistical advice.

1992 Sessional lecturer (Film), Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

1989 Tutor (Sculpture), Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University.

1984 Lecturer (Sculpture), Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education.

Artist in residence, Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education.


2002-4 Chair, ITEE Ethics Committee, University of Queensland

3-year member ITEE IE Curriculum Committee, University of Queensland

Information Environments and Multimedia Design Studies Program affiliate to TEDI(Teaching and Educational Development Institute), University of Queensland

2001 Member of ITEE ethics committee, University of Queensland

papers and conference presentations

2008 Fitzpatrick, G., Hooper, G., and Weal, M. (2008) Does it matter who is holding the PDA in a mobile learning experience? in Proc IADIS Mobile Learning 2008.

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Invited reviews

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recent Music Composition


2007  “brighton Bag Walk” Soundscapes of mundanity, Giant Ear: New York Society for

Acoustic Ecology. Free103point9 FM,  broadcast March4, repeat March 25. New York.

‘niche’    Melt: Minnesota remixed

2003       ‘yard’     HEARING PLACE Move Records (MD 3275) in association with The Australian Sound Design Project


2010      “the shoulder of the past”, Trio Lignum, MR3-Bartók Rádió, Budapest

2006       “across the road”, SPECTRUM 02 , BMW Edge Theatre, Federation Square, Melbourne

2004       “EEG sonification” Listening to the Mind Listening, Sydney Opera House Sydney

2003       “Elektronischer Fruehling” (Electronic Spring): Alte Schmiede, Vienna

Hearing Place Australian Sound Design Project / World Forum of Acoustic Ecology, Melbourne

Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth